The Impact of Housing Disrepair: A Case Study

The Impact of Housing Disrepair: A Case Study

housing disrepair mould under window

Far too many renters endure unsafe and unsanitary living conditions due to housing disrepair. At Courmacs Legal Ltd, we assist tenants in these situations and advocate for repairs and compensation. This is an examination of a recent case involving a tenant living with extreme damp, mold, and condensation.

The Tenant’s Housing Disrepair Situation

Our client first noticed issues with his rental unit in 2021. This included a loose trim and mould on the skirting board and door frame in the living room. He initially reported the problem to his landlord in 2021.

Despite this report, the issues persisted. In April 2023, the tenant contacted us regarding the worsening situation. At that point, the landlord still had not been out to assess the property or make arrangements for repairs.

Our client provided photographic evidence showing excessive mould and damp throughout the unit. A damp meter reading confirmed concerning high moisture levels.

Overview of the Property Conditions

Our survey of the property revealed multiple issues causing the dampness and mold. Externally, the damp course was 70mm from ground level.

Internally, the bedroom window unit had blown, causing damp and mold growth around the frame and sill. In the living room, the trim around the back door was loose with mold on the door frame and skirting.

In the bedroom, paint was cracking and peeling under the window. These unsafe conditions posed health risks for our client.

Legal Issues

Under housing regulations, landlords must maintain rental units in livable condition. Damp, mold, and ventilation issues that impact habitability must be addressed when reported.

In this case, the landlord failed to make repairs after being notified of the problems. This put them at risk of legal action due to the statutory duty to provide safe housing.


Situations like this tenant faced are all too common. However, legal options exist to pursue repairs and accountability when landlords neglect property conditions. If you face housing disrepair concerns, contact our team to discuss your rights and how we can help you. No one should have to live with unsafe or unsanitary rental conditions.

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