How UK Schools Can Reclaim Money on Energy Bills

How UK Schools Can Reclaim Money on Energy Bills

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In the United Kingdom, schools have been grappling with soaring energy costs due to the cost of living crisis, and the abrupt end of the government scheme that once provided relief. Schools have been left to deal with the harsh reality of increased energy bills, leaving many wondering how they would manage their budgets effectively. However, there is hope on the horizon for schools across the country, as they may be eligible to claim money back due to undisclosed commission when purchasing energy contracts through energy brokers, also known as Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs). In this blog post, Courmacs Legal Ltd, specialists in business energy claims, will explore the challenges schools are facing and the opportunities to recoup some of these costs.

Rising Energy Costs for UK Schools

The cost of energy in the UK has been steadily increasing over the past few years, which has had a significant impact on schools. The rise in energy bills has left many educational institutions struggling to balance their budgets, especially given the ever-growing expenses of educational materials, staff salaries, and maintenance costs.

Government schemes have granted discounts on energy for schools meeting a threshold, however many schools have reported this has not helped when facing rises in energy costs.

The Department for Education (DfE) has been actively engaging with educational institutions since 2021 by conducting surveys through its panels. These surveys are instrumental in shaping and informing the DfE’s policies.

Recently, the DfE released two comprehensive reports based on surveys conducted in January and March of the current year. These reports are founded on responses from over 2,000 school teachers and more than 1,000 school leaders.

In the March survey responses, approximately 22 percent of schools reported that the discounts received through the Energy Bill Rebate Scheme (EBRS) had positively impacted their financial standing. In contrast, 30 percent indicated that these discounts had not yielded any substantial improvements. Notably, 45 percent of respondents admitted to being uncertain about the impact, highlighting the complexity and varied experiences schools have had with these schemes.

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Hidden Commissions and Energy Brokers (TPIs)

Many schools rely on energy brokers or Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) to help them secure energy contracts and navigate the complexities of the energy market. However, what often goes undisclosed is the commission that these TPIs receive from energy suppliers. This commission can significantly inflate the overall cost of energy for schools, making it even more challenging for them to manage their budgets.

How Schools Can Reclaim Money

Schools are not without recourse. There is an opportunity for them to claim back money that has been unknowingly paid in the form of undisclosed commission to energy brokers. By doing so, schools can potentially recoup a substantial portion of their energy costs, providing much-needed relief to their strained budgets.

Here’s how to go about reclaiming this money:

  1. Audit Your Energy Contracts: The first step in the process is to thoroughly review your energy contracts and understand the terms and conditions, including any commissions paid to your energy broker or TPI.
  2. Seek Legal Expertise: It’s essential to partner with legal professionals who specialise in business energy claims, such as Courmacs Legal Ltd. These experts can help you identify any undisclosed commissions and guide you through the claims process.
  3. File a Claim: With the assistance of legal experts, you can initiate a claim to recover the undisclosed commissions paid to your energy broker or TPI.

Rising energy costs, has left educational institutions in the UK facing a financial challenge. However, by exploring the possibility of reclaiming undisclosed commissions from energy contracts facilitated by brokers, schools can alleviate some of the financial burdens they are currently facing. Courmacs Legal Ltd, with their expertise in business energy claims, is here to help schools navigate this process and recover the funds they are rightfully owed. By taking action, schools can redirect these reclaimed funds towards their primary goal: providing quality education for their students.

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