Undisclosed Commission Claims

Have you been mis-sold a financial agreement with undisclosed commission?

What are undisclosed commissions?

Thousands of people in the UK have unfortunately been subject to undisclosed or hidden commissions on financial products. This can happen when a financial product such as a loan or finance agreement has been purchased and the client is unaware of the commissions they are funding to the seller. 

This payment is not transparent to the client and is not explained to them when they sign the agreement. It can be argued that this leads people into making decisions about their financial future which are not in their interest or are based on a lack of information.

If you have borrowed money or signed a finance agreement and the lender paid money to a third-party such as the agent, introducer or seller on your behalf without telling you, you could claim undisclosed commission compensation. 

undisclosed commission claims
How much compensation can I claim?

The compensation pay out is based on how much commission was paid, and the additional interest you paid based on this hidden commission. The compensation should return your payments to what you would have paid if there was no commission added to the payment. 

In order to calculate how much you are owed, we will:

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