Junayd’s Eid Charity Expedition

Junayd’s Eid Charity Expedition

We’re delighted to share Junayd’s remarkable charity work during Eid. Junayd, one of our esteemed Financial Mis-selling paralegals at Courmacs Legal Ltd., took two weeks off from his busy schedule to lead an incredible initiative. His efforts have brought joy and support to an orphanage in Agadir and remote villages in Gambia, reflecting the true spirit of Eid.

Support for Agadir Orphanage

Thanks to Junayd’s dedication and the generous contributions from the community, the children at the Agadir orphanage received new shoes just in time for Eid. The joy on their faces is a testament to the positive impact of your support.

In addition to the shoes, the fundraiser facilitated a massive distribution of essential items, including:

  • Baby milk powder and nappies
  • Various food items
  • Kitchen essentials such as a new oven
  • Medicines

These contributions have significantly improved the living conditions and well-being of the children. We have receipts and invoices on file for all the purchases made, and we are happy to share these upon request.

Extending Help to Gambia

Inspired by his uncle’s longstanding efforts, Junayd also directed his charity work towards remote villages in Gambia. Known as the “charity of breaking the fast,” this initiative is crucial for ensuring that those less fortunate can enjoy the celebrations of Eid. The contributions have provided much-needed support to these communities, embodying the essence of Eid’s generosity.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We are profoundly grateful to everyone who supported Junayd’s fundraiser. Your contributions and the sharing of his poster made this initiative a success. Your generosity has made a significant difference in the lives of many, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you, Junayd, for your inspiring leadership, and thank you all for supporting this meaningful cause.

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