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Have you been subject to secret fees from your PPI broker and/or bank?

What is Plevin & how did it come about?

Plevin claim is a claim for the commissions charged on the PPI premiums that many people took out. It’s called a Plevin claim on the back of a claim that was brought about by a lady called Susan Plevin around the basis that the levels of commissions charged was completely unfair. 

Mrs Plevin took out a personal loan with Paragon Personal Finance Ltd through LLP Processing (UK) Ltd along with PPI which was added to the loan. A whopping 71.8 per cent of the premium was made up of commission which Mrs Plevin was not aware of, nor the identity of the recipients of the commission.

When the matter was considered by the Supreme Court in the leading Judgment, Lord Sumption held that the non-disclosure of commission was a source of unfairness by reason of ‘sufficiently extreme inequality of knowledge and understanding’.  He stated that there is a tipping point where commission becomes so excessive that it renders the relationship between the borrower and lender unfair.

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Can I still claim after the PPI deadline?

Yes. Because the two types of claims are completely different, the 2019 PPI deadline does not apply to Plevin cases. In fact, there is no deadline at all. This is down to the fact that the claim itself is centred around a different area of law – The Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Am I eligible for compensation?

If the below applies to you, you may be able eligible to claim:

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Plevin Claim FAQs
Is there a time limit on making a claim?

We are currently unable to give a time limit or timeframe on Plevin claims as we are currently waiting on judgement from the Supreme Court case of Canada Square Operations v Potter. The hearing took place from 14th to the 15th June 2022 and is still awaiting judgement.

What are Courmacs' fees?

We do not take any up-front fees! You may have heard of ‘no win, no fee’ – this seems a little daunting, however it just means that we back every compensation claim with insurance to ensure that if your case is lost, you will not have to pay anything. 

If your case does win and you receive compensation, we will take a percentage to cover our solicitors’ time working on the case.

We guarantee that all our clients will receive at least 51% of the compensation rewarded. 

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