The Tragic Death of Two Year Old, Awaab Ishak, Calls For Justice For Tenants Living With Damp & Mould

The Tragic Death of Two Year Old, Awaab Ishak, Calls For Justice For Tenants Living With Damp & Mould

At Courmacs Legal, we are dedicated to assisting tenants of housing associations and council houses facing issues like damp and mould. Our expert team specializes in helping individuals claim repair costs and compensation for their housing disrepair cases. Recent events have underscored the urgency of addressing the health risks associated with damp and mould in rented properties. In this blog post, we delve into the tragic case of Awaab Ishak and explore the wider implications for the housing sector.

The Tragic Case of Awaab Ishak

A Heartbreaking Consequence of Housing Disrepair In December 2020, the nation mourned the loss of two-year-old Awaab Ishak, whose life was claimed by a respiratory condition caused by extensive mould in his one-bedroom flat in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. This devastating incident underscores the dire consequences of neglecting housing disrepair issues.

Mr Gove said: “Awaab Ishak’s death was a tragedy that should never have occurred.

“People across the country were horrified to hear about the terrible circumstances that led to it.

“Awaab’s case has thrown into sharp relief the need for renewed action to ensure that every landlord in the country makes certain that their tenants are housed in decent homes, and they are treated with dignity and fairness.”

Awaab Ishak
The tragic death of two year old, Awaab Ishak, has called for action against Housing Disrepair

Ministerial Action: A Call to Update Landlord Guidance on Damp and Mould

In response to the coroner’s ruling in November, ministers Michael Gove and Steve Barclay initiated a comprehensive review to address the health risks of damp and mould in social homes. Five key areas of concern were identified, including the need to update current guidance, review the housing health and safety rating system, and ensure better access to health information.

A Defining Moment: Building Awareness and Understanding around Housing Disrepair Issues

The inquest into Awaab’s death has sparked a nationwide call for action within the housing sector. Senior coroner Joanne Kearsley emphasised the significance of this moment as an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of damp and mould-related issues in rented properties. Kearsley said “The tragic death of Awaab will and should be a defining moment for the housing sector in terms of increasing knowledge, increasing awareness and a deepening of understanding surrounding the issue of damp and mould.”

Taking Swift Action: The Importance of Timely Repairs for Tenant Safety

Awaab’s father, Faisal Abdullah, reported the mould problem to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing back in 2017 but was only advised to paint over it. The lack of timely action played a significant role in this heartbreaking tragedy. This highlights the need for prompt repairs to ensure tenant safety.

The tragic loss of Awaab Ishak has brought much-needed attention to the urgent matter of addressing health risks related to damp and mould in rented properties.

At Courmacs Legal, we are steadfast in our commitment to fighting for the rights of tenants and seeking justice for those affected by housing disrepair. If you are a housing association or local council tenant who has faced issues like damp and mould, and you have already made a complaint or requested repairs from your landlord at least three months ago, do not hesitate to contact us.

Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure housing environment for all tenants. Let Courmacs Legal be your ally in pursuing justice for housing disrepair claims.

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