Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Are you experiencing Damp, Mould & Condensation in your home? Have you had Cavity Wall Insulation Installed?

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall Insulation is the insulation between the wall inside your home and the wall outside. Houses built in the last 10 years will have been built with insulation, similar to the insulation in your attic. Older houses were built with a solid wall. However, houses built after the 1920s were built with a cavity wall which was originally an empty space.

The ‘green tax’ government funded scheme to reduce household gas and electricity bills, sought to fit millions of homes in the UK with retrofit insulation. This was meant to cut emissions and reduce charges by making homes more energy efficient.

If you have recently bought the property and unsure whether you have ‘retro-fit’ cavity wall insulation, you will be able to tell by checking for these holes made in the brickwork. 

The below video shows the hole made by the installation company and how they fill it. You should be able to see how the hole will look to enable you to check your own home.

If cavity wall insulation grants were part of a government scheme, why is it now an issue?

Millions were persuaded to sign up to the scheme by the promise of cheaper bills from call-centre staff and door-to-door salesmen employed by energy firms obliged to meet Government targets.

The cavity wall insulation suppliers were put under enormous pressure to reach tight targets, meaning that many companies who installed the insulation cut corners to save time and escape government fines. Meaning thousands if not millions of homes across the UK have been affected by botched CWI jobs, luckily with a 25 year guarantee from CIGA.

Not all cavity wall insulation is faulty, however a vast amount of UK residents are experiencing problems in their homes due to this issue. This may be because of product degradation, inappropriate application, or poor installation.

How to spot failed cavity wall insulation

In recent years poor installation or incorrectly fitted cavity wall insulation has become a huge issue for homeowners, causing damp walls, mould and condensation. 

Gaps in the cavity wall insulation itself lead to cold spots which eventually become damp. Secondly the insulation itself can act as a bridge from the external wall to the internal walls, transferring moisture from outside to inside.

The most common signs that you may have faulty cavity wall insulation

Issues that damp and mould can cause

Damp is notorious for being difficult to rid from properties as it’s not just an issue on the surface that can be wiped away. If left too long, damp can start to rot the materials your home is made from, and eventually the effects will be irreversible. 

Mould is easier to get rid of as it is usually a surface bacteria issue, however it can spread (like the mould on the strawberries at the back of your fridge!), eventually damaging furniture and fabrics, even clothing. Mould is also extremely dangerous when left lingering within a property as it can cause respiratory problems, especially affecting children and the elderly. 

Cavity wall insulation causing damp and mould

Who can claim compensation for cavity wall insulation problems?

Homeowners who live in England and Wales can claim compensation for cavity wall insulation problems dependent on their eligibility. If your property was fitted with the insulation within the last 15 years, and a surveyor can confirm that the damp/mould issues are caused by faulty cavity wall insulation, it is likely you will be eligible to claim. 

Unfortunately due to The Limitation Act 1980, it is not possible to claim if you had your insulation fitted more than 15 years ago. This is down to the fact that legally, you have a limited amount of time to take out a claim against a defendant. There are many time-related factors that can affect the claims process, so if you have any questions give us a call on 0330 341 0481.

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